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                Welcome Admissions Policy How To Apply Scholarship School Open Day Appointment for Visit School Calendar Q&A

                Admissions Policy


                New Oriental Academy welcomes applications from Chinese and foreign students into the following sections:

                Preschool - Grade 5

                Middle School (Grades 6 - 9),

                High school (Grades 10 - 11)

                Registration process:

                School Visits:

                As a first step, we recommend that interested families visit the school. Open Days and Admissions Briefings provide the ideal opportunity to do so as they address all aspects of applying for and attending school and answer questions posed by students and their families.

                For details of forthcoming admissions events, please contact the Admissions Department.

                Entrance Tests

                For Preschool and first grade, testing is conducted via group assessments.

                For Grade 2 and above applicants must sit a written examination and have an interview.


                Contact Us

                • 400-688-1000
                • 186-1224-6990

                Copyright New Oriental Academy.

                New Oriental Academy is an international school, a member of The New Oriental Education & Technology Group

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