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Middle School Curriculum

The Middle School framework operates a challenging and comprehensive interdisciplinary curriculum. It provides students with a variety of academic exploration opportunities which have international relevance and foster wide-ranging and in-depth learning. Students focus on concepts required for the IB Diploma using inquiry-based activities. They challenge stereotypes, nurture new knowledge, and master the skills that can lead to achieving break-through innovations. This style of learning continues through to the High School department.

The immersive Chinese-English bilingual teaching model implemented in Elementary School is designed to cultivate Chinese and English bilingual abilities along with multicultural awareness.

All secondary school students must take the following eight courses:
? Chinese Language and Literature, English Language and Literature
? Language Acquisition (English)
? Individuals and Society (Chinese Humanities and International Humanities)
? Science (integrated science, biochemistry, biology, chemistry and physics)
? Mathematics
? Art (visual arts, performing arts)
? Sports and health education
? Design (product design and digital design)

With our Chinese background and our international vision, NOA’s specially designed curriculum provides students with an abundance of opportunities to develop their research, communication, critical thinking, teamwork and self-management skills. These competencies are necessary for students to successfully complete the IB Diploma Program, to succeed in AP Studies in the US, or be admitted to university or college.    


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